I create interiors where joyful and grateful feelings can flourish! 

Coorie - a Scottish word (v) meaning to snuggle, nestle!

Coorie Interiors is a full-service, boutique interior design studio in Greater New York. My passion is taking the overwhelm away from my busy clients delivering a beautiful, organized, and uplifting home that reflects their personal style. Let me guide you  to your fabulous home!

Have you been waiting to pull your home together and for your beautiful life to begin?

Do you have construction work that needs to be done with no idea who to hire or what to tell them to do?

Stayed up late looking at beautiful images online but have no idea how to translate them into a real home that you love? 

Just moved and want to settle in as soon as possible so you can start your new life without living in limbo for years? 

Tried to figure out how to design your home yourself but have just been overwhelmed?

Want to invite friends and family to your home but are too shy because you don't like you home right now?

Tried to figure out how to design your home yourself but have just been overwhelmed?

Situations Where We Can Help 

New Construction Design. You are building your own home and want to get it right first. That means the size of your rooms, how you move around the space, where the lights come in during different times of the day, where your faucets and showers will go, and what material your floors, countertops, and walls will look like, what doors are best and how this all fits into the budget. Click here to learn more.

Renovation Design - you have an existing or new home you need to renovate, get a good space plan and a vision for the final look along with Interior Decoration. (see below). I will be your trusted support for all. the complicated decisions that will arise.  Click here to learn more.
Bath and Kitchen Design - You need to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. These rooms are the most complicated rooms of a home and the most important to get right the first time, from plumbing, faucet, shower, and sink selections to wall and floor materials that look beautiful and last.

Interior Decoration
- You want to redecorate  your existing  or new home, need a good floor plan, and source the whole room for lighting, rugs, and window treatment, and furnishing along with artwork that makes the entire room pop, you also need a good coat of paint or wallpaper. 

Builder Design Packages: You are a builder who wants to up your game and give your clients that wow factor, or you have a client struggling to make final decisions.

Luxury Air B&B Design: You want your luxury rental property to look fantastic and to be fully booked. You need quality materials and furnishings that last, so you don't need to replace everything all the time. 

New Home Purchase Advice. You are unsure if you want to buy a home and need ideas as to how you could renovate and what estimated budget you would need. 

- Francis Cabrera and joseph Dube
Jackson Heights 

"I  was grateful, Leslie, that we were able to find you and work with you. Because now I have this plan that I'm so excited about and confident about. I've just really enjoyed the process of thinking through different ideas, seeing what works, and almost giving ourselves permission to be creative and do fun things in the space. I really enjoyed working with you, Leslie.

My husband and I talked about this; this week it's been an incredible experience. I've never worked with an interior designer before. And it's been so lovely to have your thoughtfulness in our thought process between Joe, and I would be like, I don't know where to start. So this has been great. You're a genius."

"You Are A Genius!"

- J.S. Manhattan and Shelter Island.

"Your design service is invaluable. You found a way to bring a wonderful design concept to the table for consideration, allowing me to fully explore options with your expert guidance. Then you did the hard work of getting the installations done. You organized the tasks in complete clear steps and never wavered in your support. I have been living with the end results of your work for years, and continue to appreciate all you did to make my living spaces so functional and beautiful"

"Your Design Service Is Invaluable!"

- Julie  Livingston

"We needed an interior designer to help us pull the whole project together and make everything look great by the time we moved in. My experience with you has just been great, really seamless. I feel that from the beginning, you really listened to us. "

"I Feel That From The Beginning, You Really Listened To Us. "

- susan matter
Upper Westside 

"I can't believe I spent so much money trying to decorate myself. Now I feel like I am on vacation every weekend! I wish I had known you before."

" I Wish I had Known
 You Before!"

- Mary Buckbinder
upper westside 

"With my busy dental practice, I needed someone to help us transition to our new home in New York City. We plan to one day retire there and wanted it to be special. Thank you, Leslie; you took care of it for us and have done such a lovely job!"

"Leslie's Attention To Detail Was Amazing."

A beautiful home is such a worthwhile thing to accomplish. 

coorie interiors