How long before we can get started?

How long does this process take?

what kind investment should I expect?

It helps us greatly if you have established an ideal investment for your project. I will let you know if it is realistic and will be able to meet your expectations. You will receive a complimentary estimated budget range and meeting  along with your proposal or project plan. As a professional, my job is to help you budget wisely, and I am responsible for recommending long-lasting quality items and materials where I feel it is necessary. My goal is to give you a finished space. That means more than just a couch, lamp, and coffee table. It is everything from the little accessories around the room to the lighting and window treatments. Those finished items add up. Add up everything in your current space you have purchased, which can be a starting point to understanding your investment. The scope of the project determines my fee. Design fees and project investment are separate. 

That answer truly is determined by the project.  It really does depend on the scope of the work, the budget (where we purchase hard goods from can alter delivery times of items), schedules of other vendors I need to pull in, etc. Once I know the parameters of your project, I can give a timeframe. 

As we talk, I can give you a sense of timing based on your needs and our current projects. If we decide to work together, I'll send you a contract. Once this and the requested deposit are returned to me, I schedule your project and all of our meetings.

I have no idea what my design style is!

How do I know if hiring an interior designer is right for me?

That’s 110% okay! Through a collaborative step-by-step process, I’ll hone in on your style and bring it together to create a space that feels like home. Part of my job as an interior designer is to present you with options. Sometimes I hold a firm professional opinion as to what should be done. But for the most part, there is no one correct answer; just like our children, different options are equally beautiful but different. As long as I know your overall finished look will stay in the spirit and feeling I know you are drawn to, many decisions are up to you; I am merely your guide. So take your time, let yourself go back and forth, and in time your decision will come, or if not - I am here to ensure it will all work out in the end. 

This is for you if you’re ready to invest in designing a home that’s an authentic reflection of your lifestyle and values. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the thought of coordinating the many moving construction pieces, deciding where to put walls and appliances, pairing cabinets with fixtures, picking out finishings and furniture, hanging art, and curating colors. I’ll help you with all the details—big and small—to make sure your home is everything you want and more.

What is the initial onsite COnsultation?

The consultation is where I will walk through your space to get a feel for the project and fully understand the scope. I want to hear about your design preferences, pain points, wants and needs - I want all the details. I will make some suggestions and gather information to come up with a project plan for you Afterwards, I will prepare a design fee proposal for your project. There is a fee for this meeting 

How Do we Get Started ?

The first step is to schedule a Talk with me. This is a 15-20 minute, no-strings attached phone call where I will learn more about your project, timeline, and budget. And I will tell you about my process. Once we’ve agreed we are a good fit, the next step is an initial onsite consultation to get your project started.

 How do you structure your fees?

Every project is different.  I do my best to keep things as simple as possible for everyone. Depending on the project I charge  a flat fee if there is clearly defined scope of work. When there is not a clearly defined scope of work a retainer for a number of estimated hours or a percentage of goods or services is billed.  I set clear deadlines for all my projects with a limited number of revisions to keep us focused and on track. 
We come to this estimate based on past projects and your unique scope of work 

Most of the projects you see on TV take at least a year to complete. Months of meetings, staged construction sites and multiple design presentations that seem to take a couple of days are pretty much the opposite of reality. Creating a beautiful home is a lot of work and patience. This is why you hire us to lead the way to your beautiful home. 

Am I going to get the HGTV experience? 

What Contractors do you work with?

Am I going to get the HGTV experience? 

Am I going to get the HGTV experience? 

Am I going to get the HGTV experience? 

I do not work with any contractor I do not approve. If you implement your project yourself, I will provide turnkey construction documents.

A beautiful home is such a worthwhile thing to accomplish. 

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