I am all about providing information so you can understand the journey you will be taking to your beautiful, uplifting home. Here is quick breakdown as to how I run my projects. I will send you a PFD of a more detailed version after our discovery call and I will go over this with you at your initial onsite consultation. 

1. Book Discovery Call 

 2. Initial Onsite Consultation  

3. Proposal 

4. Pre-Design - Gathering Information 

5. Concept Phase  - Mood Boards and Estimates

This is where everything starts coming together. This involves bringing together all the approved elements  plus any new elements that were agreed upon and any revisions requested. You will have all the details wrapped up so the contractors will know what to do and there will be no expensive mistakes, you will know what needs to be purchased, and you will have the final estimated budget. Most importantly, you will be clear about how beautiful everything will look!

6. Final Design Phase 

7. Design Implementation 

The first step is to schedule a Talk with Leslie. This is a 15-20 minute, no-strings attached phone call.

The initial onsite consultation is where I walk through your space to get a feel for the project and fully understand the scope. I want hear all your desires and worries. This is a working meeting where I will suggest ideas. There is a charge for this meeting.

Using the information collected at your initial consultation, I will create a proposal for you which is your project plan and my fee, then we will meet to review it. All proposals come with a budget estimate evaluation for the project which I  will explain in detail and answer any questions. After you have reviewed, signed, and placed your deposit to secure your place, we will get started! We’ll give you an estimated project start date and book in advance key meeting dates.

We will develop mood boards and estimates to reflect our interpretation of everything you’ve told us so far and show you ideas you may not have thought of but we think you would like. This is an important first step so we can be sure we are heading down the right path before spending time designing something you don’t like. You will approve a concept you like and approve the budget. Then we will move forward to preparing your final presentation. 

At your home, we interview you in more depth, get to know your style and lifestyle, and set parameters for the project. We review the budget estimate for your project, meet with the contractors  (if using) and get estimates from them, measure onsite, and take inventory.

At this stage, we move on to our concierge project management services so you can let our expert hands and industry partners make sure everything is perfect or we will hand off all your information to you for the Just Design Service, and you have two months of online support afterward.

How This Works  

In the end, you will be done! Having a beautiful, organized, personalized home that you will enjoy for years to come!

8. Coorie-In To Your New Home  

  • Clear Communication
  • Creative Ideas & Guidance
  • Organization 
  • Professionalism        

 How The Design Process Works 

I found Leslie’s website and loved her aesthetic and her full circle approach. I booked a free 20 min consultation and was so impressed by her straightforward and organized approach. She is very professional and experienced, did not balk at my budget and got right down to it. The experience of working with Leslie has been seamless because she is very connected online and in her approach. She created a board so that I can visually see all options and I simply like or dislike what she posts. It is the easiest home project I’ve ever had! She had been doing this a long time and so her insight is straightforward helping to streamline the process significantly. She is gentle in her approach, listens well and yet gracefully gets her point across. I never would have made these decisions without Leslie and would still be living in a half done place. Because of Leslie I was able to take my apartment full circle to create a place I love to come home to!

Andrea curry -
lower eastside 

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A beautiful home is such a worthwhile thing to accomplish. 

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