Let me help you "coorie-in".

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Coorie - a Scottish word (v) meaning to snuggle, nestle!

Cooire Interiors is a NYC area full-service interior design firm that designs and manages every aspect of your home decoration and renovations. We create peaceful and happy homes for all of our clients.

The word "coorie" is a Scottish word meaning "to snuggle in or nestle." Leslie's mission is to create warm, functional, personalized homes for all her clients. and always aims to find the best design solution suited to her client's tastes. Leslie takes the overwhelm and the guesswork out of all the big and tiny decisions that go into making a home you love. What this means for you is that you get to settle into a beautiful new home and new life sooner rather than later. 

Leslie spent more than a decade working in design before launching Virtue Design in 2008. After having children in 2013, she changed her business name to "Coorie Interiors." Leslie worked as a senior designer for Architectural Digest "AD 100" firms, managing projects with large budgets. She was educated at McGill University in Montreal and Kootenay School of Art and Design in British Columbia, a Bahause inspired experimental school emphasizing craft.

In addition to fierce creativity, Leslie possesses superb technical skills and business sensibilities – to work with Leslie is to get the "total package." She prides herself on being a good communicator who is honest, ethical, and forthright.

Leslie's father was a financial analyst and agricultural economist with the Canadian government and IMF and was passionate about photography. Her mom was an art teacher and painter. She grew up in Canada, the UK, Zambia, and France; hence she is no stranger to moving, familiar with numerous styles and sensibilities, and leans away from overly flashy, cluttered, or emotionally cold looks.  

She is a mother to boy/girl twins and continues the weekly art gallery hopping tradition with her children. She loves to cook. And explore all the parks and cultural delights of NYC home since 2000.

Leslie Virtue, founder and lead designer of coorie interiors.

founder + lead designer

- Francis Cabrera and joseph Dube
Jackson Heights 

"I  was grateful, Leslie, that we were able to find you and work with you. Because now I have this plan that I'm so excited about and confident about. I've just really enjoyed the process of thinking through different ideas, seeing what works, and almost giving ourselves permission to be creative and do fun things in the space. I really enjoyed working with you, Leslie.

My husband and I talked about this; this week it's been an incredible experience. I've never worked with an interior designer before. And it's been so lovely to have your thoughtfulness in our thought process between Joe, and I would be like, I don't know where to start. So this has been great. You're a genius."

"You Are A Genius!"

- J.S. Manhattan and Shelter Island.

"Your design service is invaluable. You found a way to bring a wonderful design concept to the table for consideration, allowing me to fully explore options with your expert guidance. Then you did the hard work of getting the installations done. You organized the tasks in complete clear steps and never wavered in your support. I have been living with the end results of your work for years, and continue to appreciate all you did to make my living spaces so functional and beautiful"

"Your Design Service Is Invaluable!"

- Julie  Livingston

"We needed an interior designer to help us pull the whole project together and make everything look great by the time we moved in. My experience with you has just been great, really seamless. I feel that from the beginning, you really listened to us. "

"I Feel That From The Beginning, You Really Listened To Us. "

- susan matter
Upper Westside 

"I can't believe I spent so much money trying to decorate myself. Now I feel like I am on vacation every weekend! I wish I had known you before."

" I Wish I had Known
 You Before!"

- Mary Buckbinder
upper westside 

"With my busy dental practice, I needed someone to help us transition to our new home in New York City. We plan to one day retire there and wanted it to be special. Thank you, Leslie; you took care of it for us and have done such a lovely job!"

"Leslie's Attention To Detail Was Amazing."

A beautiful home is such a worthwhile thing to accomplish. 

coorie interiors